migraine“I would like to make an enthusiastic,  unabashed testimonial of Lori Mars’ adept hands! As a person who has endured multiple injuries (including fractures) to the spine/neck, and being a chronic sufferer of migraines since the age of 19, it is not surprising that I generally don’t travel well…One week before leaving for Ecuador, I happened to receive an accidental blow to the head… I was in agony (neck)… and I cycled through three peaks of migraines in six days. The day before I left, Lori Mars scheduled me in for an hour of body work. I think I was there a bit longer than that. Her modality is non-invasive. She is gentle, patient, intuitive, empathetic and compassionate. Over the next 16 days, I flew on six different airplane flights, rode on several different buses (sometimes for hours and on some very rough roads), as well as innumerable “taxis” over land and water ~ and a horse ~ hiked for miles, rafted down rapids, and slept on surfaces both hard and soft. I was OK. I had what felt like normal range of neck motion and I did NOT suffer even a single migraine. I gave my silent thanks and gratitude each and every one of those days, and now I give it out to our community.”

Craniosacral-therapy balancing“She’s been helping me lately with some bodywork, and is gently finding her way into and loosening chronic pain and stiffness I’ve been carrying for more than 20 years. It’s only been a few sessions so far and I’m starting to really believe for the first time in many many years that I’m not destined to carry this painful, seemingly ever-increasing, and sometimes debilitating stiffness with me for the rest of my life.”

“Lori comes equipped with an open heart, intuitive and curious touch, and excellent skills in bodywork. This rare blend of traits allows me to feel at ease and comfortable when receiving her work, and I’ve come to highly value the tools she brings to the table. In particular, her joy and curiosity in exploring through the medium of bodywork directly correlates to facilitating a deeper and more profound experience for me as her client. I’d recommend to anyone interested in exploring where bodywork can go in positively effecting one’s life on the whole.”


“My back and neck had been in intractable pain for a week. My first cranial-sacral session with Lori Mars relieved the pain somewhat. Afterward, remarkably, the pain kept diminishing. Within two days I felt great! It still seems miraculous. Lori is quiet and compassionate. Her skill is impressive. How can something so gentle make such a huge difference? Five blazing stars at the very least.”